Possibly the perfect way to complete your big day!

The Bandeoke Experience is a specialist show providing a fun interactive way for you to party and celebrate your big day, where you and your guests have the opportunity to be singing super-stars for the night.

The Bandeoke Experience leave's hype for others and instead delivers real substance - a very slick, fun, alternative wedding show, where you and your friends and family can perform to the musical backdrop of a top-flight professional band and live the dream.

Can Bandeoke work for your wedding?

Maximum Audience Participation

...If you want to maximise the chances of your wedding reception going with a bang then hiring 'The Bandeoke Experience' could be a great option for you.

...It's all about engaging as much of your audience as possible & having the biggest impact we can in the allotted time...

...It's one thing to perform with us in front of your friends & family but it's also very engaging to see your friends & family up on the stage singing their song & shaking their thang! This is way more fun than watching a normal band...you are part of the show and the star!

How Does It All Work?

In a nutshell: 

1. Ask us for specific advice regarding how our show could work at your wedding and book 'The Bandeoke Experience';

2. We'll work with you on the run up to your wedding to ensure everything goes smoothly;

3. Choose songs either before your wedding (via email) or just before and during the show (via our sign-up sheets) or both;

4. Guest bandeoke singers can come up as solo, duo or small groups to sing their favourite songs;

5. Everyone loves it and there is never enough time to fit everyone in!

6. Don’t book us again for your wedding because hopefully you will only be getting married once, so book us again for special birthdays and your company events to enjoy more 'Bandeoke Experience' action!

Check out our 'Show' page for more detailed information on the mechanics of how everything works.

Bandeoke Experience Wedding Photos