..professional musicians with experience performing at all manner of functions & events - these are our band line-up options and our team as of 2019!

The Power Trio

Your core backing band is a 3 piece with a huge amount of experience from many different areas of music and includes guitar/vocals, bass/backing vocals & drums. We only offer this format on certain dates so may or may not be included in your quotation options.

The 4 Piece

Our standard starting line-up is our 4 piece including one of our fabulous dedicated compere/vocalists; this really helps to streamline the show & assist guest "bandeoke" singers, guiding you through every tune and being there to fill in where needed.


5 & 6 Piece Options

You can opt for our 5-piece by adding one of our pro keyboard players or 2nd guitarist, depending on preferred genres, and sometimes on availability, or both in the full 6 piece, and resulting in a huge sound to thrill audience and Bandeoke guest singers alike.


The Bandeoke Experience Team

…our team as of 2019:

Our Guitarist Legends are…

Our guitarists are also our band leaders and one of these gentleman will be your main contact on the day of your event to liaise between band, you (our client), venue and any other parties like 3rd party production crew, event managers and caterers.

Our dedicated Compère/Lead Vocalists

Our male Compère/Lead Vocalists, offering even more specialist skill sets:

Our Drummers are…

And on Bass…

Our Keyboard Wizards are…

Contact us for advice on what could be the best option for your event.



…the 6 piece sound-checking ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ pre-show…


‘Song of a Preacher Man’ - 5 piece with Gemma, one of our talented female comperes…


...and 5 piece with Carly, ‘You got the love’…