Return to Rock ‘The Principle Manchester’

Time to rock Manchester again with a return to this fine venue with The Bandeoke Experience.

A veterinary conference hired us to ensure a rip roaring interactive party to complete their evening. Along with a great stage, theatrical curtains and our up-sized PA geared for the 500 guests, the scene was set.

We had a strict schedule to adhere to, as is often the case (namely where the performing space is being used during the day) for load-in, setup & sound check, but our client, the event company BuglerSmith’s team and venue staff were very helpful in assisting us in the significant setup involved for the show. 

Our live karaoke show, where audience members have the opportunity to sing with a professional live band, contrasted nicely with the more formal part of the gala evening. After performing a small selection of dance orientated band numbers to get the atmosphere going whilst we also introduced the show and how it works, we then had no shortage of willing guest singers, eager to strut their stuff - an extremely fun and interactive night was had. Mission accomplished.


We provided our upgraded sound system consisting of a double FBT subwoofer configuration, Yamaha DXR15” tops and 2x QSC k10s as audience side fills ensuring optimum sound reinforcement for this large room. The client also booked in our sound engineer, which always adds to the end result sound quality & becomes a more important add-on as the audience size increases. With 500 guests you don’t want to be relying on self-mixing as a performer on stage without having a set of ears to mix the sound out front. And with a live band karaoke show, where you have a diverse range of guest singers taking to the mics, it’s ideal to have a professional sound man to ride the faders (volume) to accommodate the quiet and loud singers and ensure optimal enjoyability for the audience.

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