MozFest 2019 at The Fable London

Festival bandeoke delivered for the Mozilla Foundation at The Fable in London’s Holborn Viaduct, a seque between the West End and the City. Limbering up or not.. before the show…

Industry events like this, or indeed any festival settings, are different from a typical private show, as the audience is made up of disparate groups of people, so many of whom don’t know each other. That doesn’t seem to create any barriers to people getting up and singing a song with us, we could have done another couple of hours to fit in everyone who wanted to sing.

“Thank you very much for being a part of MozFest 19! It was a fantastic night and the crowd absolutely loved living out their rockstar dreams on stage with you all. Hope to work with you again in the future.”

Ria, MozFest 2019