KPMG Summer Party at Ardencote Manor


Nestled in the countryside south of Birmingham, West of Warwick and Royal Leamington Spa and north of Stratford-upon-Avon is a lovely little village called Claverdon (quaintly from Old English for “clover hill”), which is home to the fantastically suitable venue for our second event for KPMG this summer, Ardencote Manor (in the Palms Conservatory). It seems sometimes that the majority of venues we host our show in are not fit for purpose, so we certainly remember those spaces that work well, and Ardencote Manor for us came across as a West Midlands gem.

Once the evening meal was largely complete, we kicked off the show, with a little time to warm up the audience we were soon up & running with a steady flow of enthusiastic corporate bandeoke participants.

“I (and we all) thought you were fantastic. The way things went down with all the teams far exceeded even my own expectations and I’ve had absolutely glowing feedback across the board from how much people enjoyed it both in York and at Ardencote. I will certainly consider using you again at appropriate future events and be recommending you within our business, with contacts I have in the wider business community and with friends.”

Andy, Head of Learning - KPMG