Brunel PI AGM bandaoke party revisited

Back to Bristol this week for Brunel PI’s AGM for a third time. When Brunel PI initially approached us, they were considering a much cheaper “local band”, which usually means amateur. However, they quickly realised on learning about what we do and the demands of a professionally run bandaoke show, like ‘The Bandeoke Experience’, that it takes an awful lot of expertise to deliver a slick show.

Bristol bandaoke Bandeoke Experience Fleece 3150-edit-3174.jpg

 To be able to offer over 200 songs on the night, some prepared in multiple keys, and to play them off the cuff in any order, along with managing firmly but in a fun way an inebriated audience, is no small challenge.

 Sometimes guest singers miss out beats or change the key of the song part the way through, or on occasion sing the whole song in a different key, sometimes they just skip to a different part of the song. This means as a band we must not only know a large volume of songs, but we have to know them deeply enough to flex with what the guest singers are doing as well as read each other’s responses. It’s big.

 We were really happy when they appreciated the depth of what we do and booked us for the first time in 2016. Due to the resounding success of our show, they booked us again in 2017, but this time upgraded to include an additional 60 minutes of show time. In view that the show is already over 2 hours long and they have about 60 guests, this really is a testament to the concept and how we deliver it.

 In 2018 we didn’t get a call – as we typically find, many companies will book us for two consecutive years and then feel obliged to do something different (the exception is our client ‘Paragon’ who booked us for 5 years straight for the Christmas party!). So, we were delighted to get the call for this year’s AGM and again with an upgraded bandaoke show time so over a 3 hour show of corporate bandeoke madness at Bristol’s famous venue ‘The Fleece’!