What's it all about? How does 'The Bandeoke Experience' work?

In essence, bandeoke is quite simple: audience members choose a song from a menu and get up and sing with a live band. However, to deliver a bandeoke event well your band needs far more skills compared to being a standard band, both in preparation & during the event. Check out the details below about what's involved, what we provide and ultimately why we're the best choice when booking a bandeoke service.

How do we kick off the event?

In terms of the structure of your show we can either kick off with a few numbers on our own whilst setting the mood as people get used to there being a live band, or get stuck in straight away and invite Bandeoke guest singers up to sing with us.

If there are many people up for singing we can continue for the rest of the night or we can mix it up between Bandeoke and us performing some numbers; but most of the time as soon as a few guests singers have come up that's it, it's Bandoeke all the way!

How do you choose songs?

On the night we will have song menus that double as song request sheets, which we typically place around the performing space and we ask potential singers to hand in their sheet to the band. It also works very well to provide us with requests in advance of the day, even if it's just a handful of song choices, as this can really help the momentum at the start of your event.

How will lyrics be presented?

Scrolling lyrics will be presented on our large flat screen on stage for bandeoke singers, including on-screen prompts e.g. 'pause for guitar solo', 'instrumental break', 'wait for cue in', which along with the band leader helps to guide guest singers and streamline the show. This video clip shows a groom singing at his wedding using the lyric screen just in front for prompts.

Why choose us?

Far more skills are needed to effectively put on a Bandeoke event compared to being a standard band; the band needs to be highly skilled with deep song knowledge, ability to adapt on the fly. The band leader, or MC, also needs to be able to manage a range of audiences, as well as guest singers being in the stage area, with healthy & safety in mind for both guests and band.

We are experienced full-time musicians who love performing and the 'show' aspects of live music.

We also deliver over 80 events a year and know how to prepare for and deliver a professional service; you couldn't be in friendlier or safer hands!

Production Options

You can either hire 'The Bandeoke Experience' with our professional sound & lighting rigs or alternatively we are happy to work with 3rd party production teams.


Photo Albums

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